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I'm an amazing broadsheet with thoughts and grossly huge seditous pictures.  Think grain. Think dirt. Think real HUGE HUGE broadsheet life.  I have 36 pages of glorious analogue pictures, prose, meditations and The Pulverantilist Manifesto.  A credo promoting a rejection of power and art world / photo critique, theory and categorizations. I am digitally printed in the UK on micro runs.  You want me and need me to fill the vacancy wrought by the vast digital destruction of progress and social media in the 21st century.  You may have arrived here via social media, now take off with the large PRINTED copy of AGITATE.


This issue of Agitate includes:

The second serial Installment of "Ranter" - a post digital apocalypse redemption story.  Follow Devon and Shavi as they come to terms with an analogue life of filth, smear and ruddy adventure.


"Wim" a serial short about a future society in a post war world.  Join Wim and Nora as they face challenges in a new world order of self rule and wild west ethos.  Redacted: unexpurgated edition available with password in printed version on this site.


"Humans Being" a horrific tale of pure filth and death. Stanley discovers himself.  Redacted: unexpurgated edition available with password in printed version on this site.


"365" a diary of experience at the hands of brutal fate.


Selections from "Native Stranger" a farm hands journal.


A review and samples from a Cinestil Df96 Monobath developing session.


A story of the brilliant Olympus Pen half-frame.


Photographic aesthetic musings and thoughts:

-Continued musings about the Autarch of Wisdom and The Empires of Lesser and Greater Light.

-Featured photo commentary by Jakob Schukall, Jackie Hoi Ki, Des Brough, Ilaria Ingrevalle and Simon Powell.


Pulverantilist photography:

by Simon Powell- Cornwall UK

by Wayne Fowler- Southest Connecticut

by Jacke Hoi Ki-Ap Lei Chau Hong Kong

by Ivy Fowler- Southern New England/Cape Cod

by Jakob Schukall- Berlin and Orkney

by Desmond Brough- New Zealand

by Simon Glassock- London UK

by Ilaria Ingrevalle- Glendalough

by Juha Rinkinen- Toronto

by Cory Marshall Spangler- Colorado, Texas

by Kim Antmark- Finland

by everyoneislying2you- Parts Unknown

by Marc Bedard- New England







AGITATE Vol. 1 Sheath 2 Winter 2018-2019

SKU: agi1002
  • 80 page 50gsm newsprint Broadsheet with MASSIVE in your face centerfold photos, stories and deleterious perspectives and propositions.  AGITATE is EPIC in size, legend in concept.

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