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AGITATE SHEATH 1 Just Recieved from the Printer

Recieved the first small run of AGITATE from the printer in the UK. It's so EPIC and freaking large I can't believe how awesome it shows. Quite legend.

If you're wondering, are you the type of person who'd like AGITATE? Here's the deal , your a film photographer with an experimental bent. You like developing yourself, different lenses or combinations thereof. You like experimenting with angles, filters, zooms/macro and different types of film. You don't mind getting your hands dirty or breaking the accepted mold of how your supposed to do things. You like your independence and appreciate thought provoking ideas and prose, stories.

It costs the price of two cups coffee. The reason it costs $12 is the batches are incredibly small, this first run is only 20 copies. Why not get inspired whilst providing a bit of support to a couple of fellow photographers trying to share a new artistic aesthetic and approach to photography. You can submit pictures too for future issues as well! Please contact me for information. I'd love to hear from you!


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