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Embrace Experimentation and Wanderlust

Break Outside the Bounds of a Regular Magazine

Would I be out of line to ask if you have ever seen your work in a Broadsheet magazine? Many great artists and photographers never saw the inside of a gallery or had a business lunch with an art impresario or agent, and today many unknowns are out there. Those same huckster agents polish turds and push the social aggregator and net promoter scores of the latest dirt they're pimping. Is it art because the peddlers got an influencer to say it is art? Is that what your photography and writing is? Is it sanctioned by the in crowd?

AGITATE invites all to submit. The rules are simple: 1. you are not remunerated. 2. we sell the copies at cost. 3. you retain your copyright for any individual work you contribute. 4. AGITATE retains the curated layout, logo, indicia and trademarks/dress.

AGITATE doesn't take "great" work, it doesn't take "beautiful" work, nor marketed and polished professional work, because that's antithetical to the pulverantilist manifesto. It's not pretty or clean and it certainly isn't something you sell in a snotty high end “we’re so better than you” store. (You COULD however do that but the markup would be ridiculous!) No middleman has their grubby greasy moneyed fingers on this mix. We don't have the lowest common denominator trash like you're used to, nor cars or planes or celebrities or even news. We don't publish digital EVER and we don't give a damn, even if you ask for a digital copy.  


We PRINT large photographic reproductions on less that perfect lightweight ephemeral newsprint. We print in color, and we print text too, but our pictures take the main stage. There is absolutely NO WAY a digital presentment can REPLACE the feel of a large piece of paper in your hands. No way possible, so don't even begin to ask for a digital scrape and simulacrum. Saccharine!

AGITATE has work that is big, UNKNOWN, and hugely displayed like a dispossessed army ransacking the Rome of your mental plateau. AGITATE doesn't have a marketing team, nor a fat cat executive sucking dollars off the top. We're not pushing anything, and it is certainly not the gutter trash force-fed to you through traditional media and entertainment outlets, though if you think it's shit, you'll probably like "People" magazine better so you might as well keep going and return to that flock. We don't do returns because we don't make money and we don't have a customer service staff. It's paid for by two guys and when our pulverantilist friends or their friends buy copies. Do you want to continue in your bubble and never get your work out there to others who actually care or be part of something bigger? We’re small but little by little folks join our cohort. Come be part of our small group of pulverantilists.

Okay, so buy a copy, or some film or a t-shirt, because if you're not gonna help yourself at least help someone else. Drop us a line below and check out our merch, so you too can stick it in someone's face.

Feel the Grain, dirt, dust. Invert truths and behold imperfections as a paradigm and path to perfection. Buy a copy of AGITATE today and hold a real broadsheet with MASSIVE creations in your real hands.


There is sand, rocks, trees, worms, interstellar travel, Bach, curves, sweat, joy, candy, wretchedness, dancing, brutality.  There is light too.  There is also the dark deep as purple. Sanguine sunsets in fall.  Triangles, breathtaking insight, augenblick. Washing dishes, green leaves, And light always again. Dark its persistent lover.



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