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Winter 2018 Sheath Updates

Many contributors for Winter 2018.

Simon G; Jakob K; Marc B; Simon P; Myself; Ivy F; Bill S; C. Bryan B....

Thanks so much for getting involved and on this journey. We've begun assembling the pictures and stories. There is a new "Unexpurgated" page here on the website but it can only be accessed with a password from the printed copy of Winter 2018. Why not grab a Fall 2018 and I'll send the password with your order?

The printer downsized the paper from 375mm to 350mm but decreased the bleed to 10mm. Reduced the height by a full 35mm which is a lot. Because the bleed is smaller it might be okay, we really only lose 15mm on width and 25 on height. I've been looking around and found a printer in Australia that does 405mmx576mm but I am unsure if they do digital small runs. I sent them a quote email but haven't heard back. If I dont hear from them I'll stay with the printer in the UK for winter 2018 with a smaller page count.

So many stories and some gear interactions too, Olympic Pen and my time with the df96 Monobath from Cinestill. Plus gruesome filth stories redacted and of course sweet meditations... it's gonna be a great issue. Did I mention the AMAZING slices the contributors have submitted, oh my to die for cry for, so beautiful. If your interested in contributing either pictures or funds to the cause please email me.


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