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Pulverantalists Choice

Coming soon to an exciting range of old stock film. Wayne and i are very excited to announce the imminent arrival of Pulverantalists Choice no1. This 23 year expired Ilford 35mm hp5 plus motion picture film has aged well. Ive been shooting it for several weeks now and can confirm that this film has that elusive x factor that only expired film can give you. It's exceeded my expectations at every level. My initial tests confirmed that it has lost a bit of its speed over the years as to be expected but the character and fun this film will give you will more than make up for that.

The test roll revealed a film speed of approx. 100iso developed in rodinal 1+50 at the recommended time of 11minutes according to the massive dev chart. Check out this negative and the subsequent scan( yes i know the negative is scratched and there is a bit of crap on it but heh were pulverantalists aren't we )?

Armed with this knowledge i proceeded to shoot my first roll, my chosen tool the magnificent olympus pen d. These shots were all metered sunny 16 with a base iso of 100. I stand developed these in Rodinal 1+100 for 1hour which is my much preferred method of development. The half frame format gave me some delicious grain and tones, the results delighted me.

Next up eager to see how much i could push this film i shot it at iso400 again through the Pen. This time i increased the development time to 2 hours. Wow, now I'm really interested!

And finally a few shots from a full frame camera: Olympus om2 and zuiko 50 1.8 metered at iso100 to show how the film stands up shot in a conventional manner. Yum good stuff.

All being well the first orders should be ready to go out in a couple of weeks.

We intend to price this competitively in 24 exposure rolls, to be confirmed soon. Profits will help to keep the publication going so please support us at Agitate, the worlds only broadsheet newspaper dedicated to the promotion of old school photography and more importantly you the photographers. More exciting news is that we have two more new old films to announce in the coming weeks which will be available once tested. Stay tuned for updates folks.


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